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Beauty services

Three different pictures, one depicting the services, a woman pampering herself in the bathtub and taking care of the well-being of the scalp. A self-confident woman proudly wears bold colors in her hair - color analysis that supports her personality. A young woman getting make-up, everyday and party make-up.

Services for the customer's well-being

Well-being of the scalp, personal color style and beauty with make-up

Find the services and products that suit you

Welcome to our versatile service category, which offers a wide range of beauty care services. We want to ensure that every customer feels beautiful and confident, so we provide services for hair care and makeup.

Scalp Analysis

  • We offer a scalp analysis service, where we examine the condition of the scalp using a micro camera. Based on that information, we recommend an individual scalp care plan. The goal is to support scalp and hair health and give them the best possible care products.

Color analysis

  • Make an impression in 30 seconds! The 'Color Me Beautiful' service inspires positive energy and self-confidence. Identify your color type, find your colors, and learn to use them confidently. Are you light, dark, warm, cool, bright or soft? Feel stronger, develop your style, and stay up-to-date. With the right colors, you look younger and healthier.
  • Color analysis lets you find the best clothing colors, hair colors, and lipstick shades.

Everyday and party makeup

  • Our everyday and party makeup services are designed just for you. We create individual makeup that perfectly suits your personality and the occasion. At the same time, please get to know the high-quality makeup products we use in our service. We also offer practical makeup instruction, where we learn to create a minimalist style together. You can get fresh makeup that highlights your face with just a few products. You can combine a makeup service and a color analysis on the same occasion, ensuring that your makeup reflects your best features and harmonizes perfectly with the chosen color palette.